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I'm a female, seeking a male between eighteen and thirty-five~
I'm a female, seeking a male between eighteen and thirty-five~
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17th-Jul-2007 02:23 pm - ...uhm...
need to makeout - when Bamfs attack
I just found this comm and was going through the user info. There's a link that goes This is the post that started it all but the link doesn't go anywhere.

Just thought one of the mods might like to know...
25th-Oct-2006 07:22 pm - ::yawns::
Star; ::wanders into the hall::

Marcus; *cough*
Nice to finally see you again. Can't say I've missed the molestation and sparkly hair clips though.

Lady Vee ::glares at him::
You know she's been really busy. And haven't I been taking good enough care of you?

Marcus; But you're only interested in one thing!

Lady Vee Maybe, but that was made clear from the start...and I promised to behave myself.

Marcus; .....for the most part.....

Star; ::separates them::
It's ok! I'm taking Lady Vee back to her own journal now-

Lady Vee ::stalks off::

Star; -and I know it's not Tuesday....

Marcus; Really?? I'll get the bubble bath!
Uh, because, y'know, personal hygiene and all that...
::runs off::
24th-Oct-2006 11:13 pm - Real live elf boi. <^_^>
Hehe I know this cute lil elf guy who likes to get sat on. ^_~
Maybe I should tell him to join this group. :D

He's soo cute with his lil pointy ears.(giggles)
Gabrielle: Hey, everyone! *waves to invisible people*

Glorfindel: *follows Gabrielle* Nobody's here.

Gabrielle: And Captian Obvious saves the day...down, reborn-Balrog slayer!



P.S. Has anyone claimed Feanor yet?
15th-Jul-2006 06:13 pm[No Subject]
*Pops head around a corner, dragging an elf along*

Anique: *Waves unsure* *Looks around* Whew.. It's really quiet here... Er... Hi! I'm Anique, and this is my elf, Bran... He's pretty shy around strangers *Asks self: what strangers? There's nobody here!*, so I'll just introduce him... This is Bran. *Points at the elf* He just wandered into my imagination, and formed from that to what he is today, the very much cutesy, comfortable blonde elf he is! *Grins evil*

Bran: Er.. Yeah... Sure... *Waves shyly (sp?)*

Anique: Anyway, it seems we missed bath-day, and will miss the next... Er... *Counts* Four! Too bad, Bran smells bad! Stinky elf! *Grins* *Dumps Bran in water anyway* Whahah!

Bran: *Irritated look* Thanks... *Mumbles* for nothing...

Anique: I heard that! But anyway, after this we'll be off again for a while! Buh-bye!
30th-May-2006 02:14 pm[No Subject]
*A girl with short brown hair and blue eyes and her elf enter the community*

Mikki: *puts down her backpack* Whew... *looks around* Odd, I thought this place would be more active...
Fergus: *puts his head on her shoulder* Hm, yeah. You're right... *looks around as well* Ooooo *his purple eyes have noticed a sign* Lookee there! *points excitedly*
Mikki: *dumb look* I dun see anything...
Fergus: *grabs her head and points it toward a semi-covered up sign* There!
Mikki: Oh! *walks over to it and tries to brush away the dust and leaves covering it*
Fergus: *helps out*
Mikki and Fergus: *read community info and guidelines*
Fergus: *with playful smile* Mikki, what day is it?
Mikki: Er, May 30th?
Fergus: *sighs* No, what day is it...
Mikki: *slowly* Tuesday?
Fergus: *starts taking of clothes while walking toward a large bathtub looking thing*
Mikki: *grabs his black braid* And what, pray tell, are you doing?
Fergus: *with glee* I'm taking a bath!
Mikki: *lets go of Fergus* Oh-kay...
Fergus: Whee! *runs and jumps into the tub* I wonder if anyone else is here...
26th-May-2006 10:17 pm - Scrubbing day
*peeks in*

Goodness, look at all this dust and cobwebs! Milo!

*A young, tall, milk skinned male with long black hair enters, wearing a weathered apron, hat, and holding a duster*

Get to work, kiddo!

*puts hands on hips*

We need to clean this place up. It looks like it hasn't been occupied for MONTHS!
14th-Nov-2005 09:24 pm - STTTTTTTTTTTTREAKING!!!!!!!!!
john deere country girl
*Jarak streaks through the room*

*streaks, then jumps on random elves*
Felix: I'm not Amadeus!!!!!! *shields eyes*
Jarak: *sits up* Oh. Okay. *hops up and runs off* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEE UPPPPPPPPP! *lunges at curled-up ball of sleeping elf*
Amadeus: Oof! *wakes up with arms full of nekkid squirmy elf* Erm...hello.
Jarak: Good morning. *grins*
8th-Oct-2005 04:32 pm[No Subject]
Kris looking down on ya
Brizy: *enters meekly and looks around the room before throwing herself to the floor in a heap of emotional despair* Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Amadeus: *pokes head up from inside tub* Hello?
Brizy: Oh! My Ammy! I've left you here for sooooo loooong!!!
Amadeus: Mommmmyyyy! *jumps into Brizy's arms*
Brizy: I'm not your mommy but it's wonderful to see you again. You must be so stinky from me being gone so long.
Amadeus: Actually I've been-
Brizy: So stinky!
Amadeus: We do-
Brizy: Stinky!
Amadeus: Err, right.
Brizy: *looks around* Where is your brother?
Amadeus: I... think he's hiding?
Brizy: Why would he be hiding?
Amadeus: Well, he hasn't been thrown into a tub full of other naked -male- elves in a long time and I think he's gotten rather used to the idea.
Brizy: Oh nose! This will never do!
Amadeus: Well, what are you going to do about it?
Brizy: Well, first step is to get him into the tub. Now whether other elves show up or not is going to depend on their owners.
Amadeus: But he's hiding...
Brizy: Shhhh! I need to concetrate. *moves around the room quietly.... and POUNCES*
Felix: Ack!
Brizy: Wooo!
Felix: How did you find me?
Brizy: An owner knows! Now into the tub!
Felix: Nooo...
Amadeus: Yay!
Brizy: Le Toss. *teh splash* Now to see if any other elves come!
28th-Apr-2005 01:48 am - Arts, and ELFY LOVE.
Sexy elf Dara from the RP I run.

Multiple sexy elves in human guise from the RP I run. I SIT ON THEM ALL. Lol, no. Just my Rian, whom my best friend hasn't uploaded pictures of yet, sadly. ;___;

Along those lines, I also say, commission her art! (All these are drawn by her). She sends the following quote: "I'm taking commissions starting. YES. I WILL DRAW ANYTHING. Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, as explicit as you would like or... as normal as you would like. I will do any pairing or any character from any anime (just show me reference pictures), my own characters or your own original characters, it doesn't really matter to me ^__^ All my contact info for commissions can be found on my Deviant Art site!"

ANNNND. Here is my RP, in which you can find the profile for my elf Rian who I sit on. (As much as he protests, because he's an arrogant crab face). http://www.greatestjournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=faileas_rpg

Dunnn dunnnnn <3

Rian: So YOU'RE the reason that Dara and Fachtna keep urging for less pacifism... I see. Please get off me. -__-;;
Duckie: NOOOO <3333333 You can't get me OOC. WHEE!
14th-Apr-2005 04:43 pm[No Subject]
Haldir: *Walks in. Looks very annoyed. He has splotches of paint all over him*

Rinoakku: *Also has paint on her, but not as much as Haldir does.*

Haldir: *glares at her* This is the last time I help you paint....

Rinoakku: *giggles insanely* :O! Haldir! Even though it's not Tuesday....

Haldir: No! No bath!

Rinoakku: Yes! You neeeeeeeeeeeeed one! *grabs him and drags him to the bathroom. Secretly brings a camera with her.* heheh.... >>....
6th-Apr-2005 10:56 am[No Subject]
Haldir: Oh please, don't make me come out where everyone can see me...

Rinoakku: *evil look in her eyes* hehe.. *cough* You HAVE to come out Haldir!!! *grabs his arm and drags him out*

*Haldir is dressed as one of Santa's Elves. He is embarrassed greatly.*

Rinoakku: *has no idea where the idea to dress him up like that came from.....* Just random sillyness I guess. o.o!

Haldir: *whimpers*

Rinoakku: awwww... but you look cute! *hugs him tight*
3rd-Apr-2005 02:59 pm - Hello, anyone out there?
Hi my names jen im 18 and ... i sit on elves *sniffle* i just cant stop....
especially Haldir and figwit..
anyways hello..

22nd-Mar-2005 08:20 am[No Subject]
k / elf / ivy crown, default
Megan: Wheeee!! *shoves Trisdil into the pool*

Trisdil: *surfaces* >:|

Megan: *cackles madly*

Trisdil: *grabs her ankle and drags her in with him*
21st-Mar-2005 05:09 pm[No Subject]
Just a reminder, as Tuesday is fast aproaching, that I have fire elemental in me, and please do not try and toss me in the communal pool. I'll be happy to strip, if it's the naked-elf part that's important, just let me know.
16th-Mar-2005 08:35 pm[No Subject]
Rinoakku: I'm hoooooome! *picks up her kitty and huggles her. Then unzips the suitcase and let's Haldir out*

Haldir: Why did I have to be in the cargo hold? Why couldn't I be in the cabin with you?

Rinoakku: Because I couldn't afford to buy you an airplane ticket.... I had to sneak you... Though I'll never know how you got through the baggage check... o.o!

Haldir: *mumbles*

Rinoakku: At least I bought you stuff! And took you to Sea World! *jumps onto Haldir's back*

Haldir: *falls over* @_@

Rinoakku: Heheheh... *jumps up and hands out Florida stuff to her fellow elf-sitters.* *jumps into Haldir's lap* Haldy.... I'm depressed... I miss Florida. It was warm there... unlike Tennessee. ;_;

Haldir: Haldy?

Rinoakku: Yip! XD! *clings to him* And and Haldy, don't forget about how I did pay for you to swim with the dolphin!

Haldir: Heh yeah, that was fun! ^_^

Rinoakku: And umm.... *looks over at her suitcase* crap.... I have to go unpack. u.u...

Am I too late to catch an empty space?

*scans for available elf*

Gee.. i must be lucky. Tuesday. That means clean elves? *sniffs the air!~ it smells of squeeky clean elves(?)!~*

Who can accomodate me? (until I find my own one, that is, they're hard to find..*nods*)
I promise I won't take up too much space. ^_^*
9th-Mar-2005 12:24 am[No Subject]
Bath time!

Hermie: No, no, no!

Izzie: Yes, yes, yes.

Hermie: But I will drown in the big communal bathing pool--I too little.

Izzie: Awww, I will wash you in the sink then.

Hermie: No, no, no!
2nd-Mar-2005 12:38 pm[No Subject]
k / elf / ivy crown, default
Megan: *wanders into the sitting room with her green elf in tow* Aww, Tris, we missed Tuesday bath day!

Trisdil: Damn.

Megan: Oh well. I'll mark it on my calendar for next week.

Trisdil: You act as though I do not know how to bathe myself regularly.

Megan: But you have more fun when I do it.

Trisdil: *twitch*

Megan: Look at Drizzt and Jarlaxle. *points to said dark elves who are in the communal pool* They cooperate. Why do you have to be so difficult?

Trisdil: I am not difficult. I would just prefer it if you did not treat me like some incompetent four-year-old incapable of bathing himself.

Megan: You're part of the sitting room now, Cupcake. Deal with it. *sits on him to do her homework*

Trisdil: *grumble*
2nd-Mar-2005 12:35 pm - Long time no sit
Trucy \o/
Larial: *wanders in, takes in deep breath of clean elf smell, and sighs* Oh how I missed this! Nimlot?

Nimlot: *sitting in corner, knitting*

Larial: Oh Ni-chan!!! I back!! *pounces* I just took a short little break from LJ to concentrate on my studies, I hope you were able to take care of yourself!

Nimlot: Yes I have. I am actually feeling alot better, my anxiety is virtually gone, and that twitch I get at the sight of strawberry smelling soap is gone too! I've also taken up knitting.

Larial: ... oh... well you seem pretty well off without me... *sniffleemotear*

Nimlot: aw, but I'm glad you're back *kisses Lari's cheek* Here, have a scarf!

Larial: CHUU!!! ^.^!!

Nimlot: Glad you like it.

Larial: *pulls sewing machine and collapsable table out of Mary Poppins bag* I'm gonne finish up my dress now! Its so pretty, so flowy! *sits in Nimlots lap, sets up table and machine, and works away*

Nimlot: *manages to continue knitting with a Lari in his lap*
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