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Arts, and ELFY LOVE.

Sexy elf Dara from the RP I run.

Multiple sexy elves in human guise from the RP I run. I SIT ON THEM ALL. Lol, no. Just my Rian, whom my best friend hasn't uploaded pictures of yet, sadly. ;___;

Along those lines, I also say, commission her art! (All these are drawn by her). She sends the following quote: "I'm taking commissions starting. YES. I WILL DRAW ANYTHING. Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, as explicit as you would like or... as normal as you would like. I will do any pairing or any character from any anime (just show me reference pictures), my own characters or your own original characters, it doesn't really matter to me ^__^ All my contact info for commissions can be found on my Deviant Art site!"

ANNNND. Here is my RP, in which you can find the profile for my elf Rian who I sit on. (As much as he protests, because he's an arrogant crab face). http://www.greatestjournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=faileas_rpg

Dunnn dunnnnn <3

Rian: So YOU'RE the reason that Dara and Fachtna keep urging for less pacifism... I see. Please get off me. -__-;;
Duckie: NOOOO <3333333 You can't get me OOC. WHEE!
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