Briz-dizzle! (brizybdarling) wrote in wesitonelves,

Brizy: *enters meekly and looks around the room before throwing herself to the floor in a heap of emotional despair* Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Amadeus: *pokes head up from inside tub* Hello?
Brizy: Oh! My Ammy! I've left you here for sooooo loooong!!!
Amadeus: Mommmmyyyy! *jumps into Brizy's arms*
Brizy: I'm not your mommy but it's wonderful to see you again. You must be so stinky from me being gone so long.
Amadeus: Actually I've been-
Brizy: So stinky!
Amadeus: We do-
Brizy: Stinky!
Amadeus: Err, right.
Brizy: *looks around* Where is your brother?
Amadeus: I... think he's hiding?
Brizy: Why would he be hiding?
Amadeus: Well, he hasn't been thrown into a tub full of other naked -male- elves in a long time and I think he's gotten rather used to the idea.
Brizy: Oh nose! This will never do!
Amadeus: Well, what are you going to do about it?
Brizy: Well, first step is to get him into the tub. Now whether other elves show up or not is going to depend on their owners.
Amadeus: But he's hiding...
Brizy: Shhhh! I need to concetrate. *moves around the room quietly.... and POUNCES*
Felix: Ack!
Brizy: Wooo!
Felix: How did you find me?
Brizy: An owner knows! Now into the tub!
Felix: Nooo...
Amadeus: Yay!
Brizy: Le Toss. *teh splash* Now to see if any other elves come!
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