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New member...claiming (if he isn't taken already)

Gabrielle: Hey, everyone! *waves to invisible people*

Glorfindel: *follows Gabrielle* Nobody's here.

Gabrielle: And Captian Obvious saves the day...down, reborn-Balrog slayer!



P.S. Has anyone claimed Feanor yet?
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M: Hello! *sits with one butt cheek on each lap*

Drizzt: *emo sulking* Hi.

Jarlaxle: Yo!

M: I don't think we have a "claiming" system here, but I could be wrong. It's always been more of a sharing community. =P
Ohno. I'm sorry, but I don't share Glory. I'm kinda possessive like that. Here is why.


Toodles! Oh, and I alsp claim Gil Galad and Elladan...I'm making myself a couch. If youre nice, maybe I'll share.
Felix: No... no I thought I had escaped this torture.
Brizy: *plops onto him* Nope! :3
Amadeaus: Yey! *jumps onto Glorfindel's lap*
Brizy: Silly, you're the elf. You're supposed to have someone sit on you.

((These are my twin elves, Felix and Amadeus))
Me: No one has posted in so long.

Haldir: *is very thankful for that*

Me: Hopefully you're post will make thinks pick back up.

Haldir: *hopes not... sweat drop*

Me: Silly Haldir! *tackles him to the floor and then sits on his stomach.* :)