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Star; ::wanders into the hall::

Marcus; *cough*
Nice to finally see you again. Can't say I've missed the molestation and sparkly hair clips though.

Lady Vee ::glares at him::
You know she's been really busy. And haven't I been taking good enough care of you?

Marcus; But you're only interested in one thing!

Lady Vee Maybe, but that was made clear from the start...and I promised to behave myself.

Marcus; .....for the most part.....

Star; ::separates them::
It's ok! I'm taking Lady Vee back to her own journal now-

Lady Vee ::stalks off::

Star; -and I know it's not Tuesday....

Marcus; Really?? I'll get the bubble bath!
Uh, because, y'know, personal hygiene and all that...
::runs off::
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